Times have changed, but our MISSION has not!

This site has been created to address the Distance Learning Program at San Gabriel Mission Elementary School in light of the Covid -19 pandemic.

Since SGMES opened in 1912, learning has taken on many forms. While Covid-19 has changed some of "how" we teach and learn, the most important aspects have not changed; we remain committed to offering a rigorous and robust academic program, attending to the emotional and social needs of our students and being intentional about the ways we stay connected as a Catholic school family. 

San Gabriel Mission Elementary School provides a student-centered school setting and small class sizes; this allows for students, teachers and families to bridge the divide and disconnect that is often created by digital learning.

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Junior High


The Faculty and Staff at San Gabriel Mission Elementary School strive to provide an optimal learning environment

for our students during an unprecedented time.

Our program was intentionally designed to combine best educational practices with a sensitivity for the realities

that many families and students are currently facing

Our mission to partner with families

for students has never been stronger!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be sitting in front of a computer all day?

Distance learning will mean that there is screen time but not all will be live, teacher-led instruction. Some online work will be asynchronous, meaning that content will be uploaded for students to access and practice independently. While online, there will also be time for small groups, one-on-ones, and open times to meet virtually or talk with the teacher or aide. We have worked to put together a balanced program that allows for time away from the screen each day as well.

What does a typical day look like?

The day looks different for Primary, Intermediate and Junior High. However, in all three grade bands, students will work synchronously, asynchronously, both online and in textbooks or workbooks and will have time for rest and play. All students begin each day with a schoolwide Morning Meeting and end each day in homeroom. Additionally, there are weekly live Music and PE classes as well as teacher Office Hours and homeroom classes, where students will have the opportunity to "meet up" with classmates for socializing. We also livestream Mass weekly. In the lower grades, rest or naptime is scheduled and all students have scheduled breaks, without technology, throughout the day.

How will my child interact with other students?

During live classes, teachers will plan for small break-out rooms, where students will be able to collaborate and work together virtually. During daily homeroom at the end of each day, teachers will provide a safe and relaxed environment for students to chat with friends, pray together, share some laughs and just hang-out before the school day ends.

What time does school start and end each day?

School begins at 8:30 am with our schoolwide Morning Meeting and then students go about their schedules depending upon their grade. 3rd-8th graders finish homeroom at 3:30 while our Kindergarteners-2nd graders finish at 3:15 and TK finishes at 2:45. On Fridays, all grades finish with homeroom at 2:00 and then the rest of that afternoon allows for connecting with teachers for Office Hours as needed, completing assignments or resting.

What if my child falls behind and/or struggles?

Teachers are the core instructional leaders for each grade. If your child is facing some challenges because of scheduling, parents working remotely from home, or other difficulties, please reach out and let us know. We want to partner with you to make this Distance Learning time as effective and meaningful as possible. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher(s) via email or by calling the office or even by attending Office Hours and, if you have older children, encourage them to advocate for themselves, reaching out to teachers and attending Office Hours when they need support.

What other activities will happen virtually?

As a Catholic School, we will work to provide opportunities for spiritual growth with a weekly livestreamed Mass, daily prayer as a school, the praying of the Rosary and in homeroom and whole-school prayer services. We celebrate weekly "We Have Spirit Wednesdays" and encourage students to come to Morning Meeting in their spirit gear. In the classrooms, teachers use homeroom time for virtual read alouds, class mini-events and unstructured time for socializing. For families who are interested, we offer online Cooking, Dance, Cheerleading and Girls Who Code classes, led by our teachers, and contracted with an outside company for virtual Chess.