Junior High Program

Grades 6 - 8

Distance Learning Fall 2020        OPEN ENROLLMENT ALL YEAR!

In Junior High, learning changes as the demands change. All students have their sights set on attending the private school of choice once graduating from 8th grade and our teachers team

with students and their families to prepare them for the challenge! The relationship between

junior high teachers and their students is a critical one; teachers are role models of Christian

living and attitudes for our students and help to guide them, in partnership with their parents, 

through the rigors of life as a teen today. Our unique STEM approach to teaching and learning gives our junior high students space and encouragement to experiment and even to fail, with the loving support of teachers and peers. As they practice and experience success, they gain confidence in themselves and a love for learning.

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The SGMES Junior High Student Experience


Live Lessons

Each day includes live lessons with an online teacher


Individual Time

One-on-one instruction, knowledge checks and support


Whole Class Time

This includes discussion, community building and learning


Small Group Time

Reading, project check-in, tutoring and targeted instruction


Study Time

Students work on the computer and complete offline activities

6th - 8th Grade Schedule

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Preparing for the day and All-School Morning Meeting

  • Eat breakfast and get dressed for the day!

  • Make sure you have a quiet place to work

  • Have your device fully charged and ready to go for ZOOM and Google Classroom

  • Gather with the whole school at 8:30 a.m. via Zoom

  • Prayers, flag salute and announcements 

  • Celebrate Spirit Days and birthdays!

Morning Live Instruction

​Classes vary daily by grade:

  • English Language Arts (ELA) 

  • Humanities

  • STEM (Science and Math)

  • PE

  • Music

Morning Break

Everyone needs a brain break for snacks and some free time. We encourage every student to run around the yard, do a few push ups and engage in some physical activity before the next online sessions. Junior High instruction is rigorous and requires more attention and concentration.

Independent Work Time

​Times and days vary by grade:

  • Google Classroom: Lesson videos and assignments for core subjects

  • Independent Practice using platforms such as IXL Math and IXL Reading

Lunch & Down Time

Eat a healthy and nutritious meal because it is good for your body. Remember the four food groups and remember that food fuels your body for the rest of the day! Make the time to go outside, work on some art, shoot some hoops, or call a friend and chat!

Flex Time

​Times and days vary by grade:

  •  Attend Teacher Office Hours

  • Catch up on assignments

  • Work ahead

  • Complete differentiated practice

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Afternoon Live Instruction

​Classes vary daily by grade:

  • English Language Arts (ELA) 

  • Humanities

  • STEM (Science and Math)

  • PE

  • Music

End of Day Homeroom

  • Students end the day by logging in to their Homeroom 

  • Time for socializing with classmates and for a wellness check-in with the teacher

  • Announcements and reminders

  • Prayers and dismissal