Primary Program Grades TK-2

Distance Learning Fall 2020          OPEN ENROLLMENT ALL YEAR!

Thank you for your interest in San Gabriel Mission Elementary School. A child's mind is creative and eager. We are aware of the psychological development of our youngest Spartans and how important it is to engage their agile minds. Every moment is an opportunity to learn! Our STEM education program is the ideal way to allow natural exploration and active learning to happen and social and emotional learning is fostered through collaboration and play. Learning in the primary grades takes place within an environment of faith and Catholic values. 

Primary Grades

Challenges are not unexpected in the first experiences with distance learning for this age group. We will meet with parents ahead of the school year to go over technology to be used, realistic expectations and how school and family interact with each other. For many families, their little ones' first "school experience" will be in a virtual school. With the support of teachers, staff and the administration, and in partnership with families, students will experience the wonder that is the journey of learning.

The SGMES Student Experience


Live Lessons

Each day includes live lessons with an online teacher


Whole Class Time

This includes discussion, community building and learning


Small Group Time

Reading, check-in, tutoring and targeted instruction


Individual Time

One-on-one instruction, knowledge checks and support


Study Time

Students work on online and offline activities


Parental Guidance

Parents serve an active role and partner with the teacher

Schedule for TK - 2nd Grades

Getting Ready for School

  • Eat breakfast and get dressed!

  • Make sure you have a quiet place to work.

  • Have your device ready to go for ZOOM and Seesaw.

All-School Morning Meeting

  • Gather with the whole school at 8:30 a.m.

  • Prayers, flag salute and announcements 

  • Celebrate Spirit Days and birthdays!

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 10.41.02

Morning Live Instruction

​Classes vary daily by grade:

  • English Language Arts (ELA) 

  • Humanities

  • STEM (Science and Math)

  • PE

  • Music

Morning Break

  • Snack time!

  • Play time!

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Independent Work 

Times vary by day and grade:

  • Seesaw: Lesson videos and assignments for core subjects

  • Independent Practice using platforms such as IXL Math and IXL Reading

Lunch & Rest or Play Time

School is work for our youngest Spartans! Some little ones really need a nap and others need to run around outside to burn off  extra energy! Eat, play or just take a break! This is an important time to refuel for the afternoon!

On Fridays, we livestream Mass at 12:00.

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Afternoon Live Instruction

  • ​Classes vary daily by grade:

  • English Language Arts (ELA) 

  • Humanities

  • STEM (Science and Math)

  • PE

  • Music

End of the Day Homeroom

  • Students end the day by logging in to their Homeroom 

  • Chit Chat time

  • Announcements and reminders

  • Prayers and dismissal